From the very beginning, Bangladesh and Brunei enjoy cordial and friendly relations as well as excellent understanding and cooperation. In 1985, soon after the Sultanate achieved independence, Bangladesh established resident diplomatic mission in Brunei Darussalam. Brunei reciprocated by establishing its resident diplomatic Mission in Dhaka.
The foreign policies of Bangladesh and Brunei Darussalam have many similarities including shared outlook on matters of regional and international interest. Relations between the two countries are rooted in the common desire to secure peace, stability and development for the two brotherly peoples.  The two countries work closely in international forums such as the OIC, United Nations, Commonwealth and Non-aligned Movement.  A number of meetings already took place between the leaders of both countries where matters of bilateral interest were discussed at length.
There is scope for further deepening and widening of cooperation in a number of areas, particularly trade, investment and agriculture. The contribution to Brunei’s economy made by Bangladeshi nationals (such as teachers, doctors, engineers and expatriate workers) continues to strengthen relations to the mutual benefit of the two countries.

Trade and commerce

Bilateral trade is still insignificant both in volume and value although there is good potential in a number of areas. The High Commission has been making efforts to sensitize the business community in both countries about existing opportunities. Some forward movement is already seen resulting in increase in trade value in the recent years. Enterprising individuals, though very few, are making efforts in a few areas with the potential to expand trade. More needs to be done in this regard.
Items/products with potential for import into Brunei from Bangladesh
  1. Ready-made garments
  2. Pharmaceutical products
  3. Bio-degradable shopping bags & jute products
  4. Processed food products (fruit juice, muri and chanachur) and spices
  5. Leather products
  6. Fresh vegetable (Potato etc).
  7. Halal foods (meat)

Areas with potential for cooperation between Brunei and Bangladesh

  1. Employment of Bangladeshi workers particularly in Construction sector.
  2. Agricultural development and employment of Bangldeshi agricultural workers.
  3. Education and training – Opportunity exists for students to pursue higher education in universities and institutes in Brunei and Bangladesh.
  4. Armed Forces officials can undergo training at each others training institutions.
  5. Telecommunication sector
  6. Oil and Gas sector
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